How to be a data scientist – what you need to know

These days when you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, you’re going to be overwhelmed with answers for jobs that simply didn’t exist 15 years ago. Instead of train drivers and zookeepers, they want to be programmers, video game testers and AI specialists. 

One of these newer types of jobs that has sprung into life is of course data scientist, which is becoming a key operating factor in a wide range of sectors. If you’ve heard the term bandied about, but aren’t 100% sure what the job actually comprises and the experience and qualifications required, then you’ve come to the right place to find out the most important information. 

To start at the most obvious place, we’ll take a look at what a data scientist does. In the simplest of terms, a data scientist is employed to look into and analyse complex digital data, such as from websites and even lab results. They use statistics to help a company to make the right decisions based upon the data. 

Data science is a multi-faceted field that uses skills from scientific methods such as algorithms and computer systems to extract and deduce the required information. Understandably, this means that a wide range of work experience and study can fit the role of a data scientist.  

One of the most important things you’ll need to be proficient in in order to become a data scientist, is programming languages, such as Python and SQL. These are the basic frameworks of any industry you are looking for work in, and are key to proper comprehension and effectiveness in your chosen field. 

Next up is being able to use analytical skill. Not all information is equal, and data scientists need to be able to determine what information is going to be value, and what can be discounted. These insights can help to provide a clearer picture of the data that is being analysed.  

Since the role of a data scientist relies so heavily on statistics, then obviously a background in maths and statistics can be a great bonus when you’re looking for a career in this area. Building and managing databases, as well as model building can all be aided by knowledge and experience in this area, and are key skills that a business will be looking for when seeking candidates for this type of role. 

And a final skill that can really add the finishing touches to your application for a data scientist job, is good presentation and communication. It’s important for a business that you can present your findings in a clear, concise and understandable manner, which means being able to show off visually and verbally what they need to know.  

If you’re looking to advance to a role as a data scientist in your career, then these are all key skills that employers and recruiters will be looking out for, so for a strong CV that they’re going to sit up and notice, it’s a good idea to work on these areas in your personal development.  

And when it comes to looking for data scientist roles, it’s important to search within reputable companies and recruiters that can really help you hone your skills and achieve job satisfaction. To get you started, why not check out the data scientist vacancies available at, which feature a great range of positions in various sectors. 

For a new career in a rapidly growing yet stable field, data scientist could be just the role that you’ve been looking for.  

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