Business Trends for 2019 (and beyond!)

Business Trends for 2019 (and beyond!)

Get ready to forget about robot workers and self-driving cars and get ready to dive into some of the most interesting emerging business trends for 2019!

Influencer marketing is still on the rise…

There really is no end in sight when it comes to the popularity of persuasive and highly popular social media influencers, whose fun, homemade content can now be made ‘shoppable’, chock full of embedded links waiting to take the curious follower to a plethora of diverse e-commerce offerings.  Influencer marketing is getting bigger and bigger by continuously incorporating smaller online personalities.  With these new ‘micro-influencers’, followers aren’t everything. While they may lack the hundreds of thousands of followers that celebrity macro-influencers have, they do tend to have a much more engaged and better-defined audiences.

Location-based marketing takes one giant leap forward

The rapid growth levels in both mobile integration and data management have combined to give the value of location-based marketing a serious boost!  Businesses should remain aware of the potential value of location-based marketing and incorporate this into strategies on 2019.  Just think of how you can utilise location-based services to get noticed by thousands of people who regularly search for nearby things when they’re out on the move.

Manage your mind, as well as your productivity

When an employee is unwell or unable to produce, this impact is often felt more greatly within a smaller business.  This is one of the main reasons why it’s imperative small business owners keep their staff happy and healthy and energised.  With more people set to embrace the same performance techniques that some of the world’s top athletes use, mental positivity and wellness in the workplace is a key trend to consider.  If you’re willing to invest and experiment when it comes to personal productivity, this could really   help your bottom line!

It’s Okay to Take a Stand on Something

Nowadays, millennials typically look for brands that reflect and share their own personal values, but they’re certainly not along in this regard.  You may be surprised to hear, but a recent report revealed that over two thirds of consumers now want businesses to take a stand on crucial social issues.  While this may surprise some, it’s becoming increasingly popular for global brands and businesses to tell the world how they feel about real societal issues.  If a small business can align itself with issues that matter to both customers and employees, their efforts can help to produce invaluable publicity and loyalty.



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